One OG In A Million (Joey LaBeija edit)

I did the cover art for Joey LaBeija’s new bootleg edit One OG In A Million

Tajjy – Renaissance

Music video I recorded on VHS for Tajjy

Nursing Home – PCP

Music video I directed for Nursing Home

It’s NOT a FU#%ING Polaroid

Tonight my show It’s NOT a FU#%ING Polaroid opens tonight at Fuchs Projects from 6-9pm. View the entire details on Bushwick Daily

Press: Cool Hunting & Bushwick Daily

Cool Hunting states: “Take teenage sexuality and factor in violence and irony and you get Worm Carnevale”. Read the full interview and article.

Last month I photographed my perspective of Bushwick on rolls of 120 black and white film. View the photos only on Bushwick Daily Part 1 and Part 2.

2012 Mid Year Instax

krystal something something

one of my anonymous collectors

angelo rz & marck salazar

rhyan hamilton


olivia taylor

santiago felipe

Point & Shoot Landscapes

Some snaps I took in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania using my trusty Olympus Stylus Epic DLX

Michael Alan Alien Collaboration

I had the great pleasure of producing a track on NYC artist, Michael Alan‘s self titled CD. The album’s 35 tracks of abstract and experimental music is nothing like anything you’ve heard before. Other collaborations on the CD include amazing people like Kenny ScharfJapanther, Vas Deferens Organization and many more. Click to  preview some tracks as well as to purchase the CD.

Head In The Clouds

Androgynous Androgyny

A big thanks to Allan from Fashionising for posting the complete series of Androgynous Androgyny. And a special thanks to Sophia Pelka for the write-up on Trend Hunter. View the entire series here.

Model: Angelo Rz | Makeup: Lisa Pentangelo